Popular Halloween Costume Styles for Babies


Even though you may not be taking your baby door-to-door this Halloween, you still want him to be dressed in one of the top costume trends of the season. There is nothing better than swooning over a beautiful baby dressed in an adorable costume as you attend community events, church outings, or while the neighborhood kids come to your home hunting for candy. You will need to take advantage of the early years in your child’s life when they will not mock your costume choices, or refuse to wear the outfit for Halloween.

Below you will find some of the top Halloween costumes of the year. Be sure to choose the costume that suits your child the best, and remember that this is one of the many candid memories you will make with your baby.

Animal and Insect Costume Choices

A big hit amongst costume choices for babies this year are animal and insect costumes. Even the most feared animals and insects can be an adorable look for your child this Halloween. Some of the top choices include a:

• Lion

• Peacock

• Bumble bee

• Rabbit

• Bat

• Piglet

• and more…

Regardless of which popular animal or insect costume you choose, your child will definitely score off of the charts on the cuteness meter.

Superhero Costumes

Everyone has that favorite superhero from their past that they loved to watch on television each week. Well, the superhero theme is back in more ways than one. This year, superhero costumes are popular choices amongst parents around the world.

Some of the most popular superhero costumes for babies this year are:

• The Flash

• Superman

• Bat Girl

• Houdini

• Wonder Woman

• The Dark Knight

• Spiderman

Even though your baby is not ready to fight crime just yet, they can pretend in their adorable superhero costume. Your child may not be able to fly – or walk for that matter – but they can definitely use their superhero crawling or scooting powers to get around in their costume.

Cozy Costume Styles

You may want your baby to be in the most adorable costume, but infants and toddlers are definitely more into comfort. This year, cozy costume styles are a popular trend amongst Halloween costumes. However, you do not have to worry; there are a variety of adorable and cozy styles that are trendy this season. This is perfect for the baby that sleeps the night away.

You can choose from these popular, cute, and cozy costume styles:

• Pink bunny

• Kitty

• Koala

• Puppy

• Bear

The best thing about these cozy costume trends is that they are not only great for babies, but they are ideal for mom and dad. You want your baby to look cute in her costume, but you want to choose the costume that is convenient. When transporting your child from house-to-house or event-to-event in her car seat, you want to choose the costume that is not hard to maneuver. These cozy customers can go along for any ride, without being a constant inconvenience. Another plus is that you will not have to take the costume on-and-off all day and night, due to the comfort of the costume. This means that you do not have to wake your sleeping baby.

This year, choose from some of the most popular costume styles when you are ready to dress your baby up for Halloween. These costume choices are not only trendy, but they are adorable!