Kids are Steppin' Out in Great 2015 Fashion


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Kids fashion trends for 2015 are filled with throwbacks and fun. Yellow makes a comeback and flowers are everywhere. Does that remind you of another time? There’s lots of cool sportswear and denim everything.


For casual wear, girls are wearing ponchos with skinny jeans in bright colors. T-shirts layered with long sleeve button ups and jeans are a great look for school. Look for a little nautical trend in navy stripes, collars and anchor decals. Fabrics are black and white polka dots and checks paired with a bright color, traditional florals (even on shoes), stretchy cotton and lots of denim. Girls are wearing blazers and jackets with asymmetrical zippers or fringe. Look for slip on tennis shoes and printed Doc Martens to replace the summer flat sandal.

For dress up, girls love bohemian dresses with flouncy skirts, gathered skirts with little sweaters, and white lace skirts and dresses. Dress up dresses are mirroring more traditional trends including smocking and bows. Sequins never go out of style but they are being paired with jeans and other casual pieces for dressier occasions.


For casual wear, boys are laying T-shirts with jackets or long sleeved shirts over shorts or jeans. Denim shirts and jackets are making a big comeback. They are so practical and easy to wear. Boys and girls are wearing bold colored jeans and sport striped shirts. Boys are sporting graphic tees with witty messages like the one pictured. Outfitted in cargo pants, military style and safari design, young men are making a huge splash. Boys are also wearing comfortable and easy name brand sporting pants and matching jackets; a throwback to the 80’s. Sperry Top Siders and name brand tennis shoes round out the look.

For dress-up, young guys are wearing dress shirts, suspenders and a bow tie. They look great with the nerd look! They are also wearing suit jackets and pairing them with jeans and a t-shirt just like their dads and older brothers.

Children’s wear is a lot of fun this year. The bold prints and bright colors look great on the future leaders of our country. Parents and kids agree that fashion is fun in 2015.