Keeping your Baby Trendy this Fall


It is that time of the year again; the leaves fall, and the weather changes. However, the trends of the fashion world begin to change as well, and there is no age limit when it pertains to changes in clothing colors, styles, and trends. Babies are included in these changes; even the smallest of infants. This is the very reason that you should stay up-to-date on all of the fashion changes before you purchase baby clothes for your child, or as a gift for another baby.

You can find a sea of fashionable wardrobe changes regardless if you are shopping online or in-store. All of these retailers will follow the fashion trends closely, offering you a variety of styles and colors to choose from.


Everyone has personality, including babies. This fall, you need to let your baby’s personality shine through the clothing that she wears. In the past, it was all about conformity, but today’s trends are all about allowing your child to dress as an individual. This includes various styles of monogrammed baby clothing, which are extremely popular this year. Some examples of monogrammed clothing include:

• Dresses

• One pieces

• Shirts

• Shoes

This trend is great for your baby, and you. It helps you show pride in your child’s name. This trend not only applies to a baby’s clothing, but it includes her accessories as well. You can monogram your child’s initials on her:

• Hat

• Bib

• Diaper bag

• Wipe cases

• Bath towels

• Hooded bathrobes

• Spoons

• Burp clothes

• Plates

• and more…

Bling is In

This year, bling is extremely popular. In the past, blinged out clothing was worn by adults and teens, but this fall, more and more children, including infants, will be wearing blinged out clothing. The styles of bling that parents are dressing their babies in include:

• Sprinkle and sparkle paint and appliqués

• Rhinestones

It is true that your baby can never have too much sparkle this fall. Baby clothing that has sassy or popular sayings attached is extremely trendy and stylish this year.

Leggings are Back

Your baby can show off a little leg this fall, without being too cold, thanks to the popular trend of leggings. This year, parents are dressing their children in leggings that come in a variety of colors, however gold and black have been a big hit, as well as multi-color animal prints. Parents are pairing these prints with plain shirts, or single-colored tops that have the legging print strategically placed on the front.

Leggings are not only comfortable for babies, but they are stylish. You could also buy denim jeggings for your baby, which have become very popular this year. The fabric stretches, allowing the jeggings to easily fit over any type of diaper.


You should accessorize your baby’s clothes with some of this year’s shoe trends. Unisex sneakers are the current trend for babies. You can choose canvas shoes that come with faux-elastic laces, or you could go for the easy on and off shoes.

This year, get your baby off to a stylish start by purchasing him the most stylish, fashion-forward clothing attire. By staying up-to-date with the latest trends, colors, and styles, your child could be one of the best dressed babies within your community!