Current Trendy Baby Clothes for Fall


While staying on trend may be a task for you, have you ever considered how your little one stands up when considering the newest, pint sized looks? Well, with a few suggestions and investments in a couple staple pieces, your little bundle of joy will look tip top compared to their play ground pals.

First comes color. The name of the game this fall is deep jewel tones. Think deeper ruby, emerald or sapphire shades paired with neutrals. For jewelry, like clips or buckles on shoes, think bronze. The deeper the better is the trend this year, so rich, honey toned metals are what you are looking for. Alternatively, go bright with nearly neon pinks and blues for an attention grabbing feature. Whether you want to make your little one look more mature, or let their inner brightness show on the outside, is up to you.

Stripes are always a winner, they are eye catching and flashy, but also maintain a playful youthfulness. They can be dressed up or down for almost any season or occasion, ranging from play dates to family photo shoots. For this year, think thick, bold and vividly colorful stripes for a fun look that you can't go wrong with. Pair these bright shades against a coordinated neutral for a sophisticated look that still allows those colors to really pop. On the contrary, you can pair stripes with plaid or even poka dots for a truly unique look that is all your child's own. Remember, to avoid a fashion no-no when pairing patterns, be sure that the colors are complimentary, and not clashing.

The next fashion fave starts at the tender tootsies of your little one. Glitz and glam for the shoes! Consider Mary Janes that are dipped in glitter for a Ruby Slipper look, or sneakers with a blaze of embellishment. Rhinestones, glitter, pearls and more are popular this year. Really, the rule of thumb for this year is to go full throtal on the shoe detailing, the more the merrier. As long as the style is cohesive and kept one step away from gaudy, that is where you are aiming. Shoe hardware, like buckles, come in a variety of metals now, from gold and silver to the popular bronze. Ribbon rosettes and bows are an ever popular choice. Both sneakers and slippers are decked out in all sorts of little bits and bobbles to catch attention and make a statement.

Bow ties are a great choice for those looking to take a cute outfit to the next level. Whether wanting to make a gentlemanly or nerdy chic statement, a bow tie is the best way to say it. Keeping things playful is the easiest, so look for shirts that come with the bow tie already attached, or sew ones that are sold separately onto your child's clothing. This will keep things easy and breezy for the little one, while still keeping up that ultra adorable look.

Finally, layers are on trend and work three fold for you. First, they allow for an outfit to really be tied together, even without accessorizing. Second, they let you use and reuse the same staple pieces in several ways, cutting down on shopping trips. Thirdly, they allow you to climate control your little one, taking off a cardigan without worrying that they will get chilly is a great feeling. Consider pairing long and short sleeve shirts under a chunky cardigan and add a cute jacket, scarf and hat combo. Keeping your little one both warm and fashion forward is as fantastic as it is fabulous.