Bundle Up, Buttercup!


It is Fall again, a time of year when our thoughts turn to bonfires, apple cider, and the changing of the leaves. Of course, our thoughts also turn to the weather getting colder with snow and ice, and to warm clothing for our families. Depending on your location, cold weather will be on you in a matter of weeks, so it is time to dust off the sweaters and boots and gather a good supply of cold weather clothing.

No matter where you live, most retailers are also dragging out cold weather clothes, so finding everything you need should be fairly simple. Of course, for the few weeks between the onset of Fall and the actual frigid weather of Winter, the daily weather changes very rapidly. Dressing properly for the day's weather is not always easy to do, especially for babies and children in school. They cannot really change their outfits during the day, so you want to be able to layer their clothing, allowing layers to be removed as the daily temperature changes.

Dressing up or dressing down, this adorable outfit will make your little one smile with delight. 140143615?$PRODMAIN$&s=240Make sure you keep layering in mind when you choose outfits, such as this one. 18016351?$PRODLIST$Any little guy would be happy to race the wind in this adorable outfit! Regardless of what current trends dictate, always keep in mind what your child will be comfortable in. Also remember that even very young children, two or three years old, will often show a preference for color or style. There is not much to equal the ire of child who does not want to wear what you have picked out for him/her. During this time of year, most retailers have clothing and accessories to complement the Fall season, so you may have to talk them into some of your choices.

An adorable choice for a boy or a girl, a knitted hat and bootie set is ideal for those unpredictable Fall temperatures.

_11236614.jpgA search online will provide many links to retailers that carry different styles, so you are not limited to just the pumpkin set. Also, keep in mind that the Winter holidays will soon be upon us while you search.

A chilly day will not stop your little one if he has a cozy, warm sweater to chase the chills away!


If your weather forecasts call for snow, be prepared with some warm shoes for those little feet. Nothing says "Winter" like icy cold toes, so be sure to keep the cold out with a pair of warm boots. Fur-lined and/or waterproof is always a good choice, while for infants make sure they have something warm that they cannot easily kick off. Bottoms with feet sewn in would probably work best.

Keeping warm in the cold months ahead is very important, but until then be prepared for the next few weeks by having the proper clothing. Layer your children's clothing wisely, as well as your own.