Baby Clothes: Colors, Styles, and Trends: November 22 2015 to November 28 2015


Fashionable adults want their babies to be in style too, and the trends for little ones change just as quickly as those of their parents. It is easy to keep a baby's wardrobe updated, because they are outgrowing their items as fast as the looks change anyways. For parents that are purchasing for a baby-to-be or those that are ready to buy the next size up, here are the looks that are flying off the shelves.

Bold, Bright Colors

There is color everywhere in baby trends. Reds, bright pinks and teal blue are popular in clothing, nursery furnishings and accessories. Diaper covers, dresses and tops are colorful and fun, with lots of solids available to mix and match.

Easy Matching Sets

Matching top and bottom sets are available for boys and girls. This is a great option for parents who are not confident about pairing items appropriately for themselves. There are cute dresses with ruffled bloomers and button-down shirts and khakis for boys.

Unisex Clothing Options

Many parents are making the choice to keep their children's wardrobe gender neutral and the fashion community is making that easier. Unisex pants, tops and sneakers are easy to find. These items not only look great on everyone, they become an easy hand-me-down, because they can be worn by anyone.

Jacket and Hat Sets

There are many attractive hat and jacket sets that will keep baby stylish, even when bundled up. The girl's fleece jackets with velour trim and matching fleece hats are beautiful enough to compliment any holiday outfit. The gentleman's pea coat set, or fleece hat and jacket set are handsome and will look appropriate for casual or formal occasions.

An Accessory to Consider

While not actually clothing, blankets are a common accessory for many babies and toddlers. Since they are going to have them with them anyways, why not make certain these are in style as well? The hottest trend in baby blankets today are quilts. These can be hand or machine made, and can be modern or rustic. Basically any design works, as long as they are comfy and well-made.

Baby trends are always fun and always changing. Today, there is enough variety in what is popular, that any parent can remain true to their own style, while still ensuring that their child remains fashion-forward.