Baby Clothes: Colors, Styles, and Trends: December 6 2015 to December 12 2015


It doesn’t take knowing chemical engineering or molecular biology to figure it out; parents tend to dress their children nearly in a mirror image of one’s own self. If you think about it, parents begin to assigning ownership of ‘baby’ some minutes after they are born: my eyes, your nose, your grandmothers dimples, so why wouldn’t we place our children in the same or similar fashion to our own? Athletic style pants, Under-Armor breathable hoodie and cross training Adidas, “Sounds like dad just left the gym?” nope “JR’s on his play date.” It’s all relative, or literal…Well regardless, parents dress their kids up similar to their own wardrobe. It’s not a crime, just a simple assertion from parent to child.

So what is hot this Holiday season? Well the full verdict is still out, but we have confirmed with several moms and they tell us, “Whatever Mom put’s them in.” Dad’s it appears you have ‘no say’ in the matter. Sorry. With the emergence of minimalism, fashion tends to have leaned more towards enduring quality style clothing for kids such as classic styles with clean and uninterrupted lines.  

For girls this month, we are seeing very feminine styles that serve romantic looks, such as floral prints and frilly dresses with some hints to modern style. For the boys this month, we are seeing checkered jackets and blazers with matching bottoms. Yet we should take note, some areas could be cold, so why not be warm and stylish. Fleece jackets and hoodies both sporty and stylish make for an afternoon on the playground that much warmer with a since of style. Fun colors, classic plaid and sporty styles, make for eye-catching fun styles this winter.    


We will see also floral pattern boots to stomp through those snow piles, faux-fur vest to keep warm, crazy fun socks to keep those toes warm, and plaid is making its return with long-sleeved flannel shirts, perfect for any outdoor activity. Winter be daft, spring 2016 projections indicate for boys this coming spring, a traveler’s perspective. The imagery detailing travel writers’ destinations and glorious journeys, through vivid and elaborate design work will be vibrant and active.

This next trend will be good for simply all ages, Sea Creatures to Oceanic style prints having numerous patterns to mimic: jellyfish, koi fish, seahorses and even coral reef patterns. This fashion for spring 2016 will fit perfectly for baby girl to mom, and all the ages in between.

One more theme for the spring, girls, this might just be a favorite. Story time, which can be interpreted into so many fashionable designs, the possibilities are endless along with the style of telling a story through fashion design.

It’s without doubt, kids fashion will be simply a step down from adult fashion, within reason that is. Yet parents will dress their kids, in a manner to suit those kids. So, what is your baby wearing?