Baby Clothes - Colors, Styles and Trends : 1st to 8th-Nov-2015


When it comes to dressing your little one up in baby clothes, most parents want to follow the latest styles and trends for a child that is dressed to impress. From knot headbands to acid-washed jeans, there are a number of different looks that are currently hitting the runway for kids. When shopping for baby clothes this season, there are a few looks to keep your eye out for when you want to enhance your baby's wardrobe.

Harem Pants

For babies, harem pants are all the rage for a style that is a blast from the past. The pants create an urban look that is comfortable for the child but still plenty trendy. Many of the harem pants come in stripes or in black cross patterns, making for a look that is still youthful and fun.

Tulle Skirts

Baby girls can look adorable wearing tulle skirts that are feminine and lovely in the first year of their life. The skirt can be paired with a baggy sweater and a pair of sneakers during the fall season, which will allow them to still crawl and play without feeling restricted. Tulle skirts are comfortable for the child and easy to dress up or down with the right accessories, making it a must-have item for the season.

Cuffed Jeans

Cuffed jeans are the perfect clothing item for fall for a fun twist on traditional pants. The look is playful and fun, allowing babies to crawl around and get dirty without dragging the material as they move. Cuffed jeans look perfect with suspenders and a pair of Hunter boots for an outfit that can be worn in either rain or shine. The cuffed jeans are also useful because they allow the child to continue wearing pants that may be getting too short after a recent growth spurt.

Flannel Shirts

Although babies can wear flannel shirts to stay warm during the fall season, they can also wear them around their waist for a hip style that makes them look like a teen for the day. The look is one of the latest trends of the season and adds a bit of grunge to children's attire without interfering with their mobility. Flannel shirts around the waist can even be paired with some mini combat boots or sneakers for a style that is truly on point. For baby boys, pair it with a backwards hat for a street style that looks like it would be seen downtown.


Slouchy beanies that hang just right in the back are perfect for babies who need to stay warm as the temperatures drop outside. The hats are comfortable enough to prevent the child from pulling it off after a few minutes and they also dress up any outfit for a look that is hip and edgy.

Bow Ties

Bow ties have officially made a comeback for the season for baby boys who need to be dressed up for a birthday party or for when getting ready for holiday photos. The accessory is available in polka dots, stripes, or seasonal shades for an item that will easily turn heads. Bow ties can be paired with a cardigan or a pair of suspenders for the ultimate look of the season.