Baby Clothes: Colors, Styles, and Trends: December 6 2015 to December 12 2015

DateDecember 07, 2015

It doesn’t take knowing chemical engineering or molecular biology to figure it out; parents tend to dress their children nearly in a mirror image of one’s own self. If you think about it, parents begin to assigning ownership of ‘baby’ some minutes after they are born: my eyes, your nose, your grandmothers dimples, so why wouldn’t we place our children in the same or similar fashion to our own? Athletic style pants, Under-Armor breathable hoodie and cross training Adidas, “Sounds like dad just left the gym?” nope “JR’s on his play date.” It’s all relative, or literal…Well regardless, parents dress their kids up similar


Baby Clothes: Colors, Styles, and Trends: November 22 2015 to November 28 2015

DateNovember 23, 2015

Fashionable adults want their babies to be in style too, and the trends for little ones change just as quickly as those of their parents. It is easy to keep a baby's wardrobe updated, because they are outgrowing their items as fast as the looks change anyways. For parents that are purchasing for a baby-to-be or those that are ready to buy the next size up, here are the looks that are flying off the shelves.Bold, Bright ColorsThere is color everywhere in baby trends. Reds, bright pinks and teal blue are popular in clothing, nursery furnishings and accessories. Diaper covers, dresses and tops are colorful and fun, with lots of solids available


Baby Clothes - Colors, Styles and Trends : 9th to 16th-Nov-2015

DateNovember 09, 2015

When it comes to baby fashion, there are a number of different trends that come and go just as quickly as adult styles for new looks that are worn on the runway. Although babies traditionally wear plenty of onesies and layette gowns in the first year of their life, there are a variety of other looks that will create hip and trend-setting outfits. For parents who want to have fun dressing up their child, there a few styles to follow this season to create an unforgettable wardrobe.Bowler HatsLittle boys can look like true gentlemen in sophisticated bowler hats that dress up any type of attire. Whether the baby is smiling for the camera or is vi


Baby Clothes - Colors, Styles and Trends : 1st to 8th-Nov-2015

DateNovember 01, 2015

When it comes to dressing your little one up in baby clothes, most parents want to follow the latest styles and trends for a child that is dressed to impress. From knot headbands to acid-washed jeans, there are a number of different looks that are currently hitting the runway for kids. When shopping for baby clothes this season, there are a few looks to keep your eye out for when you want to enhance your baby's wardrobe.Harem PantsFor babies, harem pants are all the rage for a style that is a blast from the past. The pants create an urban look that is comfortable for the child but still plenty trendy. Many of the harem pants come in stripes o


Current Trendy Baby Clothes for Fall

DateOctober 25, 2015

While staying on trend may be a task for you, have you ever considered how your little one stands up when considering the newest, pint sized looks? Well, with a few suggestions and investments in a couple staple pieces, your little bundle of joy will look tip top compared to their play ground pals. First comes color. The name of the game this fall is deep jewel tones. Think deeper ruby, emerald or sapphire shades paired with neutrals. For jewelry, like clips or buckles on shoes, think bronze. The deeper the better is the trend this year, so rich, honey toned metals are what you are looking for. Alternatively, go bright with nearly neon pinks


Popular Halloween Costume Styles for Babies

DateOctober 18, 2015

Even though you may not be taking your baby door-to-door this Halloween, you still want him to be dressed in one of the top costume trends of the season. There is nothing better than swooning over a beautiful baby dressed in an adorable costume as you attend community events, church outings, or while the neighborhood kids come to your home hunting for candy. You will need to take advantage of the early years in your child’s life when they will not mock your costume choices, or refuse to wear the outfit for Halloween. Below you will find some of the top Halloween costumes of the year. Be sure to choose the costume that suits your child the b


Keeping your Baby Trendy this Fall

DateOctober 10, 2015

It is that time of the year again; the leaves fall, and the weather changes. However, the trends of the fashion world begin to change as well, and there is no age limit when it pertains to changes in clothing colors, styles, and trends. Babies are included in these changes; even the smallest of infants. This is the very reason that you should stay up-to-date on all of the fashion changes before you purchase baby clothes for your child, or as a gift for another baby. You can find a sea of fashionable wardrobe changes regardless if you are shopping online or in-store. All of these retailers will follow the fashion trends closely, offering you a


Bundle Up, Buttercup!

DateOctober 03, 2015

It is Fall again, a time of year when our thoughts turn to bonfires, apple cider, and the changing of the leaves. Of course, our thoughts also turn to the weather getting colder with snow and ice, and to warm clothing for our families. Depending on your location, cold weather will be on you in a matter of weeks, so it is time to dust off the sweaters and boots and gather a good supply of cold weather clothing.No matter where you live, most retailers are also dragging out cold weather clothes, so finding everything you need should be fairly simple. Of course, for the few weeks between the onset of Fall and the actual frigid weather of Winter,


Kids are Steppin' Out in Great 2015 Fashion

DateAugust 13, 2015

Your text to link...Kids fashion trends for 2015 are filled with throwbacks and fun. Yellow makes a comeback and flowers are everywhere. Does that remind you of another time? There’s lots of cool sportswear and denim everything. GirlsFor casual wear, girls are wearing ponchos with skinny jeans in bright colors. T-shirts layered with long sleeve button ups and jeans are a great look for school. Look for a little nautical trend in navy stripes, collars and anchor decals. Fabrics are black and white polka dots and checks paired with a bright color, traditional florals (even on shoes), stretchy cotton and lots of denim. Girls are wearing b


Late Summer Baby Clothing Styles

DateAugust 05, 2015

The late weeks of summer bring the highest heat and humidity to your community. Dressing your child in something comfortable during the hottest months of the year can be terribly difficult, but the terribly difficult months of the year give you an opportunity to dress your child in unique new styles. The styles explored in this article are far more comfortable and light than the spring clothing you used to transition out of the winter months.#1: Brocade FabricsThe brocade fabrics that you use in the summer months will help keep your children comfortable when they are outside. A long sundress or pair of shorts will instantly cool down when